Title: Assistant Professor
email: weibobo@www.dozayix.com

Dr.Wei Bobo obtained his bachelor degree in Northwest University in 2006 and MPhil degree at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2008 (under the supervision of Hai-Qing Lin).He got his PhD degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2011(under the supervision of Hai-Qing Lin).Dr.Wei joined the group of Ren-Bao Liu at The Chinese University of Hong Kong as a postdoc from 2011 to 2015 and then he joined the group of Martin Plenio at the institute of theoretical physics,University of Ulm as a postdoc from 2015 to 2016.Then he joined the Shenzhen University as assistant professor from 2016-2018.Then he will join The Chinese University of Hong Kong,Shenzhen (CUHK-SZ) as assistant professor in 2019.He mainly works on theoretical physics,including condensed matter physics and statistical mechanics,in particular the quantum many-body systems in and out of equilibrium.Dr.Wei has published 24 papers in the international peer reviewed journals,such as Physical Review Letters,Physical Review A/E,etc.

Education Background
Doctor of Philosophy,The Chinese University of Hong Kong,2008-2011

Mater of Philosophy,The Chinese University of Hong Kong,2006-2008

Bachelor of Science,Northwest University,2002-2006
Research Field
Theoretical condensed matter physics and statistical mechanics,Many-body physics in and out of equilibrium,Thermodynamics of small scale system

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