Title: Professor,Dean of Graduate School,Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Employment History

a)   Academic

I.    Academic Appointments in China and Hong Kong

1)   Professor and Dean of the Graduate School,The Chinese University of Hong Kong,Shenzhen (2015-present)

2)   Leading Professor and Chair of the Academic Committee,South University of Science and Technology of China (2011-2015)

3)   Professor,The University of Hong Kong (2009-2010)

4)   Deputy President,City University of Hong Kong (2003-2008)

5)   Vice-President for Academic Affairs,City University of Hong Kong (2002-2003)

6)   Chair Professor,City University of Hong Kong (2001-2009)

7)   Head,Department of Physics and Chair Professor,the University of Hong Kong (1994-2001).

8)   Director,Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale

II.   Academic Appointments in the United States

9)  Distinguished Professor,University of Wisconsin­Milwaukee (1988-2000).

10) Director,Laboratory for Surface Studies,University of Wisconsin­Milwaukee (1980-1994).Unit of Center of Excellence of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Milwaukee System

11) Senior Scientist,The University of Wisconsin-Madison Synchrotron Radiation Center,Stoughton,WI.(1982-1984).

12) Professor,Physics Department,University of Wisconsin­Milwaukee (1979-1988).

13) Associate Professor,Physics Department,University of Wisconsin­Milwaukee (1977-1979).

14) Assistant Professor,Physics Department,University of Wisconsin­Milwaukee (1973-1977).

b)   Industry (Consultant Appointments)

1)   IBM Thomas J.Watson Research Center,Yorktown Heights,NY (1974,1975,1981,1983).

2)   Naval Research Laboratory,Semiconductor and Surface Physics Division,Washington,DC (1973,1975,1977,1980).

3)   Oak Ridge National Laboratory,Solid State Division,Oak Ridge,TN (1981).

4)   NASA Space Epitaxy Program,Houston,Texas (1990-1994).

5)   Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (1990-1992).

c)   Editorial Appointments

1)   Editor-in-Chief,Surface Review and Letters,World Scientific,New Jersey,USA (1993-2011).

2)   Editorial Board,Acta Physica Sinica,Overseas Edition (1998).

3)   Editorial Board,Encyclopedic Services of Materials Sciences Foundations,Germany (1998).

4)   Editorial Board,International Journal of Nanoscience,World Scientific,New Jersey,USA (2002).

Professional Services

a)  Official Appointments

1)  President,Surface Science Division,American Vacuum Society (1986).

2)  Vice President,Surface Science Division,American Vacuum Society (1985) .

3)  Director,Condensed Matter Section,Division of Materials Research,National Science Foundation,Washington,D.C.(1988-89).

4)  Selection Committee Member,Presidential Young Investigators Program,National Science Foundation Panel,Washington,DC (1990).

5)  Committee Member,Atomic Resolution Microscopy Panel,National Science Foundation,Washington,DC (1992).

6)  Committee Member,SRI International Panel on Assessment of Research Activity in the People's Republic of China,NSF Science and Technology Policy Program,Washington,DC (1992).

7)  Committee Member,Ad Hoc Group for the Solid State Sciences Committee (SSSC),the U.S.National Research Council,Washington,DC (1980).

8)  Committee Member,Atomic Resolution Microscopy Program,National Science Foundation,Washington,DC (1992).

9)  Committee Member,The DARPA VIP Thin Film Program,Washington,DC (1987).

10) Physical Sciences Panel Member,RGC,Hong Kong (1994-2001).

11) Joint Selection Committee Member,NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme (1999-2002).

12) Judging Panel for Hong Kong Technology Award (2006-2008).

b)   Awards and Honorary Appointments

1)   Croucher Foundation Senior Research Fellowship (1997-1998).

2)   Royal Society Distinguished Professorship (1993).

3)   Distinguished Visiting Scientist,High Resolution Microscopy Center,Arizona State University (1988).

4)   Distinguished Lecturer,China Center of Advanced Science and Technology (CCAST),Beijing (1991).

5)   Distinguished Lecturer,Ministry of Education,Taiwan (1987).

6)   Fellow,American Physical Society (2000).

7)   Member,The World Academy of Sciences (2010)

c)   Special Honors and Achievements

1)   Invited to nominate candidates for the Nobel Prize of Physics (1986).

2)   Invited to nominate candidates for the Japan Prize in Materials Technology (1992).

3)   Book "Surface Crystallography by Low Energy Electron Diffraction" was used as a key reference in C.Kittel's Introduction to Solid State Physics,6th Edition,John Wiley & Sons,New York.

4)   Two papers on the structure of GaAs surfaces "Semiconductor Surface Reconstruction: The Rippled Geometry of GaAs(110)",and "The Geometric Structures of the GaAs(111) and (110) Surfaces" were selected for inclusion in "Gallium Arsenide",ed.J.S.Blakemore,AIP publisher,which selected 58 articles based on their enduring relevance.

5)   Invited paper "Exploring Surface Physics" published in August 1984 by Physics Today was selected for CD-ROM collection in the US Encyclopedia for Physics Teaching.

6)   Papers "Low-Energy Electron and Low-Energy Positron Holography" and "Energy Dependence of Inelastic Electron Scattering Cross Section by Surface Vibrations" were selected for coverage by Physics Today,Physics World and Science and Vie in 1993.

8)   Three papers:  "Focusing and Diffraction Effects in Angle-Resolved X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy","Importance of Multiple Forward Scattering in Medium-and High-Energy Electron Emission and/or Diffraction Spectroscopies" and "Small-atom Approximation in Forward- and Back- Scattering Photoelectron Spectroscopies" were selected for coverage in Physics News in 1986 by Physics Today.

Conferences Organized

Invited by many major professional societies to organize international conferences.These professional societies include MRS,APS,IUPAPS and IUVSTA.  Have organized over 50 international conferences under the sponsorship of these organizations.

Patent Received

U.S.Patent:  "Method of Three-Dimensional Atomic Imaging," No.5,095,207.

Date:  March 10,1992.

Citations of Publications:

Total citations: 10,436.h-index: 52.  First tier journals: 35 PRL+2 science+1 PNAS+1 Advances in Physics+1 Progress in Surface Science+2 Physics Today= 42

Papers cited over 100 times: 24.

Education Background
Ph.D.(University of California,Irvine)

M.S.(University of California,Irvine)

B.Sc.(The University of Hong Kong)
Research Field
Surface Science and Technology

Updated August,2017.

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