HARK,Sui Kong
Title: Professor
email: skhark@www.dozayix.com

SK Hark received the BSc degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in 1975,majoring in physics and minoring in mathematics.He obtained his PhD degree in 1981,again in Physics,from State University of New York at Buffalo.After working as a postdoctoral fellow,he joined Xerox Webster Research Center as a Member of Research Staff to conduct research on the optical properties of solids.Five years later,he returned to his alma mater to join the Physics Department as a lecturer.He stayed there for twenty three years,moving through the ranks,until retirement.His research interests included optical spectroscopy,light scattering,metalorganic chemical vapour phase growth of semiconductor heterostructures and nanostructures,liquid crystals and lipid vesicles.While at CUHK,he was also involved in running the Centre for Scientific Analysis of Antique Artefacts that applies thermoluminescence dating to the authentications and provenance of antique pottery;Advanced Surface and Materials Analysis Center (ASMAC),a lab that served local industry and did research of surface characterization techniques;and in helping set up a lab similar to ASMAC in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks.He had served as reviewers of many journals and was a member of American Physical Society and Materials Research Society.He is a member of the editorial committees of Journal of Semiconductors and Chinese Journal of Light Scattering.As a hobby,he used to be an avid star gazer.

Education Background
PhD (SUNY at Buffalo)

Research Field
Optical Properties of Solids;Light Scattering;MOCVD Growth of Nanostructures

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