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Salon of General Education
Walking with Disasters
address:Chengdao 103
Student activities: 2019.04.11  19:00-21:00
Screening and Discussion of Frankenstein (1931)
address:Zhixin 111
Student activities: 2019.04.10  19:00-20:30
Salon of General Education
From Chungking Mansions to the World in Guangzhou: Ethnographies of Globalization
address:Chengdao 101
Student activities: 2019.03.12  19:00-21:00
General Education ,CUHK(SZ)
As a cornerstone of the University's undergraduate education,General Education aims to expand students' horizons of knowledge,and prepare them to be lifelong learners and committed world citizens.Integrating Chinese humanistic ideals with Western liberal arts contents,General Education fosters whole-person education in a balanced manner.

The General Education curriculum provides undergraduates at the University with the concepts and values of multiple academic disciplines.Students will be able to reflect on perennial issues of human concerns through classics reading,and improve the attitudes and abilities required for critical thinking and communication.
Leadership on the ball stage and the development of students with a high degree of cross-cultural sensitivity,tolerance and a global perspective.
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