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Research Summary

To implement the innovation-driven development and "the Belt and Road Initiatives" strategy,serve the "three strategies" of Guangdong province and construct a modern international and innovative city of Shenzhen,The Chinese University of Hong Kong,Shenzhen ("University") will focus on cultivating talents with international visions and strive to create an international high-level research university.It is expected to make great contributions to the development of society and finance in Shenzhen,the Pearl River Delta region,and even the whole country.

We will uphold and carry forward the excellent academic tradition of The Chinese University of Hong Kong,and explore various disciplines by leveraging on ever-growing faculty and resources.In order to meet the needs of the social development and industrial transformation in Pearl River Delta regional,our research fields focus on the emerging discipline and interdisciplinary,especially including robot and advanced manufacturing,big data and statistics,computer and information technology,finance and economics,logistics and supply chain,biomedical and bioinformatics,material science,new energy science and engineering,etc..

In order to improve the level of scientific research and social service capabilities,the University will introduce outstanding talents,especially those from interdisciplinary research and emerging cross-cutting areas.As of January 2019,the university has introduced about 280 teachers,including 6 Nobel laureates,2 Turing Award winners,1 Fields Medal winner,18 academicians and global experts,and over 100 other talents.The University has established several institutes.

Leaders in all these subjects have excellent scientific research capabilities,outstanding achievements and considerable influences.Consequently,the strong team will undoubtedly raise our research levels and develop better disciplines.In addition,we will actively invest in various research fields and beef up research capabilities to achieve significant results.

In order to meet the demands of both academic research and the strategic development in emerging industries of the nation,we will strengthen the innovation system of industry,academics and research,and participate in the construction of an innovation circle involving Guangdong,Hong Kong and Macao and build a number of world-class innovation platforms.

The university has established a number of innovative platforms,including the Robot Institute of CUHKSZ,the Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data,the State Joint Engineering Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing,the Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory of Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing,the Shenzhen key laboratory of Semiconductor laser,the Shenzhen Finance Institute,and the Galaxy World & CUHKSZ Student Entrepreneur Project.

By August 2018,CUHK (SZ) has undertaken more than 80 research projects and received total funds in the amount of RMB 800,000,000.Those projects are respectively supported by the Shenzhen strategic emerging industry special funds,the Shenzhen special fund for future industrial development,the National Natural Science Foundation of China,and Shenzhen peacock team project,etc.