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CUHK-Shenzhen adopts a collegiate system.Currently there are four colleges,namely Shaw College,Diligentia College,Muse College and Harmonia College.
A college provides dormitories,canteens,music rooms and gyms.In addition,a college organizes various extracurricular activities,whetting students' interests,cultivating their team spririt and training their organizational and leadership skills.
A college may invite domestic and international scholars,artists,community leaders or luminaries to forums,lectures and tea gatherings.These guests can share their unique life experiences to broaden students' vision.
A Unique Collegiate System
CUHK-Shenzhen adopts a collegiate system.All students are attached to different colleges so that students with different academic and cultural backgrounds may mingle to form a closer relationships with their teachers and peers.We stress the importance of a whole-person education,providing a multitude of alternative education opportunities to supplement the programmes offered by Schools.We launch a variety of events to build up students' self-confidence,cultivate their artistic tastes,train their interpersonal skills and raise their awareness of social responsibility.


Shaw College >

Shaw College is funded by The Shaw Foundation.As the first college of CUHK-Shenzhen,it provides a homelike space integrating food,dormitory,and studies for students across the world...

Diligentia College >

Diligentia College,is the second college of CUHK (SZ) established with donations from Genzon Public Welfare Charitable Foundation in Shenzhen...

Muse College >

Muse College is the third college of the Chinese University of Hong Kong,Shenzhen.In Muse College,students will improve interpersonal skills,cultivate cultural tastes...

Harmonia College >

As the fourth college of The Chinese University of Hong Kong,Shenzhen,Harmonia College was officially founded on 29 March 2018 with the generous donation of Mr.YANG Xiangbo.