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The Lady Undine (48" x 96")

The Lady, Undine is a literary figure from a 19th century children’s tale whose roots lie in German folklore.  Her name literally means “woman of the waves”- she is a young woman who transforms into a mermaid.  In my depiction the lovely Lady Undine connects with the viewer through her deep, penetrating eyes and her luminous locks swirl in the ocean current.  She has no fear or anxiety, only a curious confidence as she peers into our world.  This piece, however, is not about the Lady herself but rather what she symbolizes.


Our breadth of knowledge of this Earth and what lies beyond pales in comparison to the “unknowns” that confront mankind every day.  Everything from the forces of gravity to the function of the human brain teases constantly with hints of truths and understanding just ahead; beyond our grasp.  In our everyday lives we are bombarded with shaded facts and misinformation such that we find it difficult to know what is really going on in our society.  If we could say we knew a fraction of the universe’s secrets that would be a shining triumph, but the truth is we don’t.  The Lady Undine represents the unknown truth that hangs just out of reach.  She is there, waiting for us to comprehend her existence whether or not we ever achieve that understanding.  I find it exhilarating to consider all that remains to be discovered by man.  In this piece we are asked to consider how much the universe, the unknown, is aware of us.  When the unknown is encountered it becomes truth- what do we become when it finds us?