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A New World (48" x 72")

When you take a deep breath and close your eyes, trying to enjoy a minute of relaxation and escape from the chaos of the day, where do you go?

 A New World invites you to daydream and experience that place of peace and beauty: stroll down across a bridge soaring impossibly over the ocean; Wonder aloud at the atmosphere, planets, moons and stars above you; gaze into the deep waters before you, teeming with life- another world beneath your feet. Eventually perhaps you'll arrive at a little village atop a remote island, maybe you'll decide to sit down at the water's edge and dip your toes into the crystal surface.


As a girl I loved looking at the pictures on the wall in my classroom and would imagine myself diving in to discover all that could be found. This piece invites you, the viewer, to rediscover that childlike, idealistic self and peacefully dream of new worlds.