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Meet Lacy


I was born in Southern California and grew up in the town of Big Bear in the San Bernadino mountains. From the very beginning I've felt a strong connection to the world of art- as a little girl I would fake being sick so that I could stay home all day to color and draw. My love for art grew with me and I knew at the end of high school that creating art was my future


I attended San Jose State University for their extremely rigorous fine-arts curriculum in animation/illustration. Toward the end of my studies and after graduation I worked for the world-renowned trompe l'oiel mural artist, John Pugh, in his mural studio in Santa Cruz where we made many beautiful pieces that went from Alaska to Hawaii and beyond. I love mural work and the energy it takes to make something so huge. I also did many of my own original murals in private homes and medical offices.


I moved to San Diego three years ago with my husband's job and have been extremely blessed to have the opportunity to create something new and exciting with Dozayix. Each dot is a masterpiece unto itself, created for a specific place and purpose. The ability to innovate is what makes us different from every other creature, and that creativity is what I celebrate in my work.

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