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About Dozayix

In 2007 my first baby, came into our lives and it seemed that the amount of love in our home tripled.  Since then we have added two more children and the chaos has grown exponentially.  Having time to myself is a challenge and setting up an easel or a quiet corner to paint in has been, without exaggeration, impossible.  Early on in motherhood I realized that I needed to make a choice: the career I loved or being the mother I always wanted to be.  It was a hard decision- I loved to make art but my babies would only have one childhood, and no amount of money or prestige could be as meaningful to me as raising them and the influence I would have over who they would become in the world.

2.jpgI was and continue to be happy as a wife and mother, thrilled to be where my family needs me most, but as days and weeks stretched into months and years I found myself getting antsy.  I had such a strong, driving motivation to create but I couldn't figure out how  to carve out the large blocks of time I needed to paint.  Then, one day, while the kids and I played with Play-Doh at the kitchen table I mixed some colors together and punched out my very first "dot".  It dawned on me that this could be a way to make real art and be with my children at the same time.  I called it Dozayix:

Play Doh + Mosaics + Fun

= Dozayix